Up Date Course of Peritoneal Dialysis 2017, 10th Edition

May 24-26 Porto
Coordinator: Anabela Rodrigues, MD, PhD
Organization: Portuguese Nephrology Society and Nephrology Department CHP-Hospital Santo Antonio

12 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)
Endorsed by International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD)

Educational objectives: debates, conferences and interactive discussions based on both theoretic and clinical PD concepts, observation and training sessions on PD procedures, up-date course on new investigational and clinical aspects of PD.
Event: Annual meeting, aimed to provide timely, comprehensive, and thorough update in the field of peritoneal dialysis, for the practicing nephrologists, trainees with previous PD exposition, or clinicians working with uremic patients. We welcome pediatric nephrologists, internists, and general practitioners. New themes are annually proposed to attract both new and recurrent participants. It is a lively experience demonstrating that PD is on the move.
This is the 10th Edition of the event.
In spite of the international relevance of Peritoneal Dialysis as an efficient renal replacement therapy there is still a shortage of patient and doctors’ exposition and education in this field. It is expected that, as a result of this educational process, learners will increase their knowledge on how to deal with patients under peritoneal dialysis and how to promote the modality. Challenging clinical issues are presented and debated.
These objectives are aligned with the investment of Portuguese Nephrology Society to increase Peritoneal Dialysis penetration, to serve the patients, disseminate knowledge and promote quality in nephrology clinical practice.

Anabela Rodrigues, MD,PhD
Ana Bernardo, MD,PhD
Ana Rodriguez-Carmona, MD, PhD
Antonio Cabrita, MD
Conceição Mota, MD
Manuel Amoedo, MD
M Joao Carvalho, MD
Olivia Santos, Graduated Nurse

Invited lecturers
R Krediet, MD, PHD
C. Magalhaes, MD


O valor do curso é de 500€ e inclui a inscrição no curso, alojamento de 24 a 26, 1 almoço no dia 25 e um jantar no dia 25.


Venue : Hotel Sheraton, Porto, Portugal
24-26 May

Day 1

14.00 Reception
14.30 Workshop I: Patient flow in disease and treatment: the role of PD
14.30 PD first – evidences beyond metanalyses - Ana Carmona
         Aims: Discuss benefits of PD beyond  similar long term survival
15.30 Transitions of modality - Anabela Rodrigues
         Aims: Discuss allocation, transfer policies , early and late causes and differential clinical impact
16.30 Coffee
17.00 PD in aged and end of life - M Joao Carvalho
         Aims: Discuss system barriers to PD in geriatric patients superimposed to the medical PD benefits in this group of patients
18.00 Difficult clinical cases and how to solve them - Faculty
         Aims: interactive discussion of real-life cases brought by the audience related with 1. patient selection 2. cause of transfer 3. Access  complication*
19.00 End

Day 2
09.00- 18.00

09.00 Workshop II:  Preventive medicine in peritoneal dialysis
09.00 How to help the patient in the process of CKD therapy options: are we doing enough? - António Cabrita, Olivia Santos, Manuel Amoedo
         Aim : Discuss the patient decision process on CKD options, patient information and education for self care, challenges in the hospital setting and limitations of the actual patient informed consent process
10.00 Access implantation and treatment of access complications – what do you recommend?
         Nephrologist point of view - Manuel Amoedo, António Cabrita
         Aim: discuss  implantation policies and skills to promote higher catheter  survival
11.00 Coffee
11.30 How to decrease infection risk in PD_what would you do? - Manuel Amoedo, Olivia Santos
         Aim: preventive protocols for peritonitis and exit site infections; include  immunizations and global infection risk prevention, with clinical examples
12.30 How to minimize cardio-vascular events? - Ana Carmona
         Aim: present and discuss advances in the management of cardio-vascular risk, specificities and opportunities in PD therapy  (avoiding acute ion and acid-base shifts  and benefits of slow continuous UF) 
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Workshop III: adequacy in PD
14.30 Targets of dialysis – beyond small solute removal - M Joao Carvalho
         Aim: Present current recommended targets of dialysis and its limitations, RRF preservation, volume control , sodium removal, Ca-P-Mg removal in dialysis 
15.30 Free Water Transport and clinical implications - R Krediet 
         Aim: Overview on Peritoneal membrane and useful tests to help decision processes in PD therapy
16.30 Coffee
17.00 Strategies upon tests - M Joao Carvalho, Ana Bernardo, Ana Carmona
         Aim: clinical examples addressing what to do after a test result concerning 1.optimizing adequacy  2.preserving membrane status 3. Supporting nutrition  4. How to deal with encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis 
18.00 End

Day 3
09.00- 12.00

09.00 Workshop: Metabolic issus in PD
09.00 Messages from the pediatric nephrologist; obesity and nutrition - Conceição Mota
         Aim: discuss similarities and differences  in pediatric patients and focus on nutritional surveillance and support
10.00 Obesity and insulinresistance is contemporary PD: refuting tabus - Ana Bernardo
         Aim: Discuss the lack of evidence relating glucose absorption with obesity in contemporary PD patient s and point to opportunities of improvement of metabolic derangements
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Take Home messages - Anabela Rodrigues
         Conclusions on what should be remembered and disseminated among the nephrologists, clinitians treating CKD patients, heath administrators and quality assessors.
12.30 End


O valor do curso é de 500€ e inclui a inscrição no curso, alojamento de 24 a 26, 1 almoço no dia 25 e um jantar no dia 25. 

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